• Water Conservancy and Water Works

    Water Conservancy and Water Works

    Water is an indispensable part of human life and national economic development. The construction of reliable, stable, advanced and real-time on-demand water supply of large-scale municipal water conservancy and water engineering has become a common concern of urban water industry operation and management departments.

    Water conservancy and water affairs system is usually composed of water source, water diversion pipeline, water plant and water distribution pipe network. After taking water from the water source, it is sent to the water plant through the water diversion pipeline for water quality treatment, and the treated water is sent to the users through the water distribution network after being pressurized.

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  • Building HVAC system

    Building HVAC system

    In the world, 40% of energy consumption is in buildings, and 50% of energy consumption in building HVAC system.

    Building HVAC system perfect solution, need building automation system to control, of course, also inseparable from the control valve on the flow and differential pressure precise regulation. Excellent building HVAC system can help you save energy up to 30%, and further improve indoor comfort.

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