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Soft seal Non rising stem gate valve
Product overview
The soft sealing Non rising stem gate valve adopts the straight through flow channel design, and the high-performance rubber is fully covered with the gate, so the sealing is reliable and the operation is easy. It is mainly used in domestic water system, water supply and drainage system, sewage treatment system, etc. it is used as a cut-off device on the fluid transmission pipeline of construction, urban environmental protection, petrochemical, electric power and other industries (not applicable to throttling).
Product details
Product features
Integral rubber covered valve disc;
Fixed disc nut;
Flat seat;
The shaft seal adopts three O-rings;
Full bore design, low water loss;

Non toxic epoxy resin electrostatic coating.

Product standards
Manufacturing standard: CJ / T216
Flange connection standard: GB / T17241.6
Structural length standard: GB / T12221

Test standard: GB / T13927

Technical parameter
Nominal diameter: DN50 ~ DN600 (2 "~ 16")
Nominal pressure: PN16
Working temperature: 0 ° C ~ 85 ° C
Sealing test: 1.1PN
Shell test: 1.5PN
Applicable medium: water