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200X Pressure relief valve
Product overview
Adjustable relief valve is a pilot-operated relief valve, which consists of hydraulic control valve main valve and relief guide valve. The change of outlet pressure of main valve is magnified and controlled by the guide valve to control the action of main valve disc. It is a commonly used pressure control valve. The valve is mainly used to relieve the pressure of water supply network or building water supply system so that the downstream pressure remains a set value without any change of upstream pressure or other factors.Changes in downstream water usage.
Product details
Product characteristics
Hydraulic control without external drive;
Main valve has only one moving part and low failure rate.
Diaphragm type structure, no friction, high control sensitivity;
The pressure behind the valve does not change with the pressure before the valve.
The pressure behind the valve does not change with the change of system flow rate.
Good decompression effect;

Wide range of pressure adjustment after valve.

Product Standards
Manufacturing Standards: CJ/T219, JB/T10674
Connection standard: GB/T17241.6
Standard for surface spacing: GB/T12221

Inspection test standard: GB/T13927

Technical parameter
Path pressure: DN50 ~ DN600 (2 "~24") PN10 / DN50 ~ DN600 (2 "~24") PN16 / DN50 ~ DN200 (2 "~8") PN25
Applicable outlet pressure range: 0.1MPa~0.8MPa/0.8MPa~1.3MPa/1.3MPa~2.0MPa
Operating temperature: 0 C~85 C
Sealing test: 1.1PN
Case Test: 1.5PN
Applicable medium: water