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Water hammer eliminator 8000
Product overview
Model 8000 diaphragm air bag water hammer absorber is composed of shell, inner air bag (Advanced diaphragm rubber) and hole tube. It is suitable for industrial and mining, enterprises, high-rise buildings, power stations and other water supply and drainage systems. Model 8000 diaphragm air bag water hammer absorber has excellent water hammer absorption capacity and effectively absorbs water hammer without stopping water flow.
Product details

Working principle

In the water hammer eliminator, there is a closed air chamber and a piston at the lower end. When the shock wave is transmitted to the water hammer eliminator, the water hammer wave acts on the piston, and the piston will move towards the air chamber. The stroke of piston movement is related to the gas pressure and the size of water hammer wave in the gas holding chamber. The piston moves up and down under the double action of certain pressure gas and irregular water hammer, forming a dynamic balance, thus effectively eliminating the irregular water hammer wave vibration.

Matters needing attention
1. The pressure gauge on the valve body shows the air chamber pressure before installation and the pipeline pressure after installation.
2. Before installation, please confirm that the air chamber pressure of water hammer eliminator shall not be higher than the pipeline pressure.
3. When the lift is more than 50m and the pressure is more than 5kgf / cm, it is recommended to install a water hammer eliminator under the long pipe and at the corner above the check valve.
4. In order to consider the maintenance, it is suggested to keep the clearance between the valve body and the wall surface for the convenience of maintenance.
5. If the water pressure in the pipeline is low, or the air pressure in the air chamber of the water hammer eliminator is low, the air pressure can be added or released by the air injection plug above the water hammer eliminator.
6. When the air chamber pressure of water hammer eliminator is maintained at 50% ~ 70% of pipeline pressure, the effect of water hammer eliminator is good.
7. When the secondary side is open pressure, such as constant water level valve, sanitary ware, faucet, etc., 1-1.3kgf/cm2 is more suitable.

Main materials
Valve body and cover: stainless steel
Piston: cast copper, stainless steel
Sealing ring: nitrile rubber

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