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Domestic VS imported valve, how will you choose?
Release time:2020/7/16

Domestic VS imported valve, how will you choose?As the saying goes, "the moon is bright at home," but now more and more people admire foreign imports.In the industrial sector, the trend is slowly spreading.Just say a common valve, same material, same function, the price of imported goods can be multiplied several times.Imported valve products in the price set their own unique style, but even if expensive, people still flock to.

Is the inlet valve really that good?Where is the gap between domestic valve and imported valve?How can we close these gaps?

The term "imported goods" refers to the products that are imported in their original packaging. From research and development to production, they are entirely in the place of origin of foreign countries, and foreign standards are strictly enforced.Joint venture goods, as the name suggests, is a project jointly established by China and foreign investors. Foreign companies provide technology, talents, brands, etc., and assemble the products at home. The products comply with European and American standards.Domestic goods, is designed by the people themselves, manufacturing, the implementation of national standards of products.

At present, the valve has become one of the faster-developing industries in China's installation and manufacturing industry, the types of valve are increasing, the industry for the valve quality and technology requirements are becoming higher and higher.But like most of the machinery industry, China's valve industry is also facing a late start, the foundation is poor development bottleneck.As the basis of manufacturing, the valve has a wide range of applications in all walks of life, therefore, the process of the localization of the valve has been a matter of great concern to the country.After years of efforts, China has made very gratifying progress in valve domestication.For example, in the field of valves, the key valves of SUvalve nuclear power plant have made great breakthroughs;WB36 forged steel valve of one million machine group has been developed successfully.Successful application of Chengdu Chengfeng Valve large-diameter flat gate valve and Suzhou Neway valve ball valve in the pipeline of "West-east Gas Transmission"......In some demanding areas, China's valve research and development and industrialization have a good performance.In spite of this, enterprises still lack trust in domestic valves when purchasing, especially in the high-end field, and they are more in pursuit of import.

So, which is better, domestic valve and imported valve door?Today, we will analyze it from the following points.

The quality of the product

There is no doubt that quality is the key factor for users to choose a product.The working environment of the valve is usually harsh, so the quality and service life of the valve is very important.Due to the early start of the research on the instrument valve in foreign countries, in the processing equipment and research and development level, compared with the domestic more advanced.But in recent years, the quality of valves in China has been greatly improved.In the 1980s, China began to organize backbone enterprises to introduce advanced design, technology and processing equipment of foreign instruments and valves. After decades of absorption and digestion, China's instrument and valve manufacturing technology and quality have been greatly improved.

In the low-end valve field, domestic valve door quality can be comparable to foreign countries.In the field of high-end valves, China is also increasing research and development efforts, continued investment, and made a series of breakthroughs.

In addition to quality, price is the first consideration when a user chooses a product.Import valves through the customs, to add a tariff, elimination of taxes and so on, plus China's relatively low labor costs, which makes the production cost of domestic valves far lower than imported valves.Can say, same material, same action, the price of entrance valve is a few times of homebred valve.At the same time, the fierce market competition makes enterprises to improve the market share, and reduce production costs.In cost performance, domestic valves have more advantages.

The after-sales service of valve products is the key link of sales management, and users pay more and more attention to the after-sales service.In this respect, domestic valve is opposite to import valve, occupied geographical advantage.Most of the domestic valve enterprises have professional engineers, and can provide door-to-door guidance, complete after-sales service.The import valve is more difficult to achieve timely maintenance of the product after sales, return work.

Say a positive word, although the effect is the same, the material is the same, but the gap exists between domestic valve and import valve.This is our valve industry to seriously consider.Above all go up in material, even if so-called same material, the valve of entrance also wants more pure a few.Secondly, the same role of the valve door, in the use of the effect and service life, there is also a certain gap.This is due to the import of the production technology and technological process has reached a relatively mature state, which is a number of domestic small valve factories can not be compared.

Only when we are fully aware of the gap between us can we make progress.We should overcome the valve manufacturing process of the problem, improve the development of non-harmonious factors, find the appropriate point of development, and jointly promote the revitalization and improvement of the valve industry.Therefore, it is suggested that valve enterprises should turn the challenge into an opportunity, find their own positioning, focus on developing domestic and foreign markets, and resolve the adverse impact of the crisis.The most critical for China's valve enterprises is to further improve product quality and technical content, only solid foundation, unremitting exploration and innovation, China's valve brand can be famous overseas.

At the same time, has developed on a certain track valve enterprises, can try to develop foreign markets.Expanding the market is a process of continuous self-improvement and development, in fact, it is also a process of enterprise development and expansion.At present, the relevant enterprises should adopt the strategy of "two legs" according to the actual situation, pay attention to the development of international and domestic two markets, and improve the core competitiveness of valve enterprises.In the near future, China's valve enterprises must be able to catch up with and surpass similar foreign valve enterprises, for the country's major valve technology and equipment to make contributions to the localization, and become the world's valve manufacturing power.