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Teji valve sales elite team into the workshop, zero distance to feel the production line!
Release time:2021/4/9

In order to improve the comprehensive business quality of the sales team of the Teji valve group, further consolidate the basic knowledge of the valve industry and improve the business ability, on April 2nd, the sales team of the special effect valve group went to the production workshop to visit and learn along the industrial process of valve production.Workshop technical personnel explained the production technology, equipment and other professional knowledge in detail for everyone, everyone has been aroused desire for knowledge.

We visited each place very carefully and communicated with the technical staff of the workshop from time to time. We not only had a close look at the first-class production equipment and the production process of the products, but also felt the complexity of the production process.From hot forging to rough machining, from finishing to finishing, until the final packaging.All the processes must be strictly controlled, and there is no room for error in any link.

Teji valve group from design and development to production and manufacturing to the use of finished products, each process is strictly checked, Seiko meticulous work, create extraordinary, and strive to make the best quality valve.Workshop technicians also focus on the company's own research and development of water hammer protection system, water hammer protection system integration of a new generation of water hammer protection valve, intelligent terminal, distributed control, hydraulic model, Internet of things platform and other technologies, has been widely used in many key projects.

Through this visit learning activities, show the innovative results of the special effect valve group, greatly stimulated everyone's enthusiasm for sales and work passion, more enhance the confidence of the sales team, for the future to provide customers with quality service to lay a solid foundation.

Teji valve group will also take this visit as an opportunity to learn, dig deep, continue to strengthen team building, innovative management, with the goal of "among the world's industry brands in the forest", a strong build of science and technology, innovative modern enterprise group.