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Teji Valve Group Co., Ltd. has successfully obtained Zhejiang manufacturing certification and Zhejiang manufacturing certification international mutual recognition certificates
Release time:2020/10/8

Recently, the group company successfully obtained the "Zhejiang manufacturing certification" and "Zhejiang Manufacturing Certification international Recognition" certificates.

The "Made in Zhejiang" and "good" logo is an important measure for the provincial government to implement the innovation-driven development strategy and create an "upgraded version" of Zhejiang's economy.Organizations that have obtained the certification of "Made in Zhejiang" may use the certification mark in advertisements, product introductions and other promotional materials, and may mark the certification mark on the products and their packages that have passed the certification;At the same time, it can enjoy the provincial government financing support, preferential listing of backup enterprises, preferential procurement under the same conditions and other policy support.