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  • 2021-4-9
    Teji valve sales elite team into the workshop, zero distance to feel the production line!
    In order to improve the comprehensive business quality of the sales team of the Teji valve group, further consolidate the basic knowledge of the valve industry and improve the business ability, on April 2nd, the sales team of the special effect valve group went to the production workshop to visit and learn along the industrial process of valve production.Workshop technical personne

  • 2021-1-29
    Operating method of manual valve
    Manual valve is a valve operated by handle and handwheel. It is a common valve used in equipment pipeline.Its handle, hand wheel rotation direction clockwise is closed, counterclockwise is open.However, there are individual valves that open in the opposite way.Therefore, attention should be paid to check the open and close mark before operation.。 The handwheel and handle on the

  • 2020-7-16
    How to identify valve identification paint?
    The outer surface of the valve should be painted out of the factory, the paint layer should be durable, beautiful rules, and ensure that the mark is clear. 1, valve products according to the body material to identify the paint, the color according to the table Body material Gray cast iron, malleable cast iron Nodular cast iron

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