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Ball check valve
Product overview
The check valve is used in the pipeline system, its main function is to prevent the reverse flow of medium, prevent the pump and its driving motor from reversing, and discharge the medium in the container. The check valve can also be used to supply the auxiliary system in which the pressure may rise above the main system pressure. Horizontal or vertical installation can be used for cold water, hot water, industrial and domestic sewage pipe network, more suitable for submersible sewage pump, medium temperature 0-80 ℃. It can be installed at the water outlet of the pump to prevent backflow and water hammer damage to the pump.
Product details

Product features
When there is no medium flowing through the valve body, the valve disc is always in the closed state under the action of spring force. The opening, closing and opening degree of the valve disc mainly depend on the pressure difference between the inlet and outlet ends. If the pressure at the inlet end is greater than the sum of the outlet end and the spring, the valve disc opens. As long as there is a pressure difference, the valve disc is always in the open state, and the size of the pressure difference determines the opening degree of the valve disc If the sum of the pressure and spring force at the outlet end is greater than that at the inlet end, the valve disc is always in the closed state. Since the opening and closing of the valve disc is in a dynamic force balance system, no matter how the medium changes at the inlet end, the valve operates in balance, with no noise and few safety faults.
1. The flow path inside the valve body adopts streamline design with small head loss
2. Reasonable, good sealing, wear resistance, long service life
3. It has guiding device, flexible closing and short closing stroke of valve disc, which can realize quick closing of valve and prevent silent effect of huge water hammer travel. It also runs stably, without vibration, noise, safety and few failures

Scope of application
Urban construction, chemical industry, metallurgy, petroleum, pharmaceutical, food, beverage, environmental protection