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Rubber disc check valve
Product overview
Rubber disc check valve is mainly composed of valve body, valve plate, valve cover and other parts. It is mainly used in drainage and sewage system. It is mainly installed at the outlet of water pump. It has full bore design, low opening pressure, small water loss and soft rubber seal. It can effectively prevent medium reverse flow and protect normal operation of water pump.
Product details
Product features
The valve plate is composed of steel plate, reinforced nylon and EPDM;
35 degree valve plate closing stroke, quick closing design, reducing water hammer damage;

It is not easy to accumulate sundries and easy to maintain.

Product standards
Structural length standard: GB / T12221
Connection flange standard: GB / T17241.6

Performance standard: GB / T13927

Technical parameter
Nominal size: DN50 ~ DN600 (2 "~ 24")
Nominal pressure: PN10
Working temperature: 0 ° C ~ 85 ° C
Applicable medium: water
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